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OPTICAL COMPONENTS Exclusive North American distributor of technologically advanced components for a wide variety of laser, magnetics & optoelectronic systems spanning the UV to the far-infrared.For questions, technical information or quotations, please email us or call 1-855-362-6300.
OPTICAL COMPONENTS Exclusive North American supplier of technologically advanced elements for a wide variety of laser and , magnetics & optoelectronic systems spanning the UV to the much infrared.For questions, technical information, or quotes, please email us or telephone 1-962-265-7600.

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PBS and PbSE infrared sensors Pulsable IR Resources Electrochemical SensorsInGaAs Infrared DetectorsPbS and PbSE infrared linear array quadrant Silicon PIN PhotodiodesQuadrant IR Positioning SensorsHeat Flux and Radiation SensorsSilicon Photodiodes with Low Sound AmplifierPhotoreceivers – Si / InGaAs Temperature Sensor Modules / RadiometersUV Photodiodes – SiC / GaN / / GaPSiC UV

Photodetectors / photodiodesGaN UV Photodiodes / sensors UV-Visible PhotodiodesUV Monitors / Indices / RadiometersUV Probes / UV Sensor BoardsUV-NIR Spectroscopy PhotodiodesHydrogen SensorsBio and Chemical SensorsDiamond UV / X-Ray DetectorsGamma (y) Ray RadiometerAcceleration, Inclination & Tilt SensorsThread Tension SensorsEOC provides several options for NDIR gas detection and detection, such as lasers for NDIR gas discovery.Pyroelectric sensors/sensors are dependable; Thermopile sensors/sensors/arrays are simple to work with; along with PbS and PbSe infrared sensors are quickly and really sensitive. Pulse IR Resources enhance the reaction of Pyroelectric, Thermopile or PbS and PbSe infrared detectors and sensors in a nondispersive infrared gas detection method. Electrochemical detectors from SemeaTech concentrate on the discovery of a number of toxic gases for work safety and environmental security.

NDIR Gas Sensors / Detectors

Pyroelectric Detectors / Sensors 
Thermopile Detectors / Sensors / Arrays
PbS and PbSE  infrared detectors

Pulse IR Sources

Electrochemical Sensors
IR Flame Detection System
InGaAs Infrared Detectors

InGaAs Infrared Linear Arrays


NDIR gas detector

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